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Benefits of Private Pay

Self or private pay is one of the most common forms of payment across the mental health field. Find out the benefits and more information about how you can utilize self pay to your advantage. 

Confidentiality & Privacy

Utilizing the self pay option versus insurance, confidentiality is at its highest. Your treatment plan for therapy and diagnosis is kept between you and your therapist. Although confidentiality is maintained across the board, utilizing self pay cuts out the process of disclosing topics to your insurance, such as length of therapy, diagnosis, and all other pertinent information needed from your insurance. 



When you utilize private pay, YOU, set your limits. With insurance, there are certain restrictions, but if you are seeking therapy, mental health has various needs. With self pay, you set the length, and frequency of your therapy needs. 


Decreased surprise billing

With private pay, it is straight to the point. You know up front what you are responsible for. No back and forth with providers/insurance. 


Increased availability

With private pay, often times, you will have more of accessibility to therapists. With insurance, ensuring that therapist is in your network is essential. With private pay, clients tend to have more accessibility to therapists and time slots to get the support you need. 

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