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Meet Indi

Resident in Counseling, M.S

Hello! My name is Indinesya (Indi) Zhao and I am the owner of Positive Moods and a Resident in Counseling. No matter what you’re facing, you deserve the support of a genuine advocate who wants to see you thrive. Are you going through a difficult time? Do you need a space to process your stress or anxiety? Or maybe you know things are different, and find it challenging to figure out why. As a member of the military, first responder, or spouse, we face a unique set of challenges. That’s why it’s my mission to service you; the individuals who so honorably serve your communities. 


I am a mom, a military spouse and the wife of a first responder, I know what it is like first hand. I work with adults and couples to support you through life stressors, anxiety, depression, PTSD and relationship issues. I have a total of 8 years of experience working with diverse populations in multiple settings and I am a huge mental health advocate.I have earned my M.S degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University and am also a PhD candidate in Forensic Psychology. Want to book with me to work on transforming your mindset?


License Number: Virginia / 0704014356

Supervisor: Shakoya Hicks

Supervisor License: Virginia / 0701006140

What we can conquer together 


If you are struggling with depression, lack of motivation, or abnormal behaviors for you, therapy can be a great tool to get empowered

Stress Management

Learning to accept the changes and create an alternative way to balance

Work Life Balance

Implementing self-care and knowing how to set boundaries


Exploring effective ways to cope and build tools to tackle day to day

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