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Types of Evaluations



Pre-Employment Assessments are designed to measure job readiness, learning capability, organizational skills, emotional response, leadership abilities. Positive Moods is happy to consult! 


Return to Work
(Employment and Institution)

This evaluation helps ensure an employee’s readiness to return to work. This evaluation plays a critical role in ensuring a smooth transition back to work or school.​

Evaluation Process

If no testing is required, the evaluation is completed in 1 session lasting approximately 60-80 minutes


If testing is required the evaluation will consist of 2 Telehealth (Online) sessions that range from 60-90 minutes. The assessment consists of a clinical interview and assessment testing as applicable.​

Report Requests

  • Certification of Fitness to Return to Work/Study OR

  • Extensive Report

**Reports are completed within 2-4 Weeks**​


Insurance is not accepted for evaluations. All evaluations are self pay.


Pre employment assessment (no testing) $60
Pre employment assessment (with testing) $900

Return to work evaluation $600

Payment type accepted:

  • All major debit/credit cards

  • Payment Plan Available

What to Expect- Interviewee

  • The interviewee can expect to be contact within 48-72 hours of referral.


  • The examinee is to complete initial paperwork and informed consent. If you have a job description and or resume please bring it with you.

  • During the initial session, we will discuss areas of concern, history, and other relevant information related to job/study.

What to Expect- Employers

  • The interviewee is interviewed by the prospective employer

  • The employer decides whether they want to take the next step in offering the candidate a position in which the employer contacts Positive Moods, LLC to conduct an evaluation

  • The evaluation is scheduled by the respective party and completed

  • The report will be sent to the point of contact person or HR department

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