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Spouses of Law Enforcement &
Military Officials

Take a deep breath....let me help you find yourself again

Who you are

Are you having anxiety about your partners work, worrying about his/her safety, find it difficult to sleep at night until they return home, or not know when they will return home? I see you! If you answered yes to any of the above, see how you can get support below. 


How I can help

I want you to know I see and understand you. I am a military and a wife of a law enforcement officer who too knows the challenges of the spouse when their partner is out in the field. I know what it is like to get anxious when they do not answer the phone or out thoughts takes us to dark places. Let me help you feel confident and secure again. I work with individuals through a Cognitive Behavioral Approach and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which helps explore mindfulness and reframing your thoughts. Through this technique, you build the tools needed to challenge those thoughts. 


Get support

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