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Law Enforcement &
Federal Law Enforcement

1 Who you are

In this field you are taught to be strong, hide the vulnerability, and suppress certain emotions. . . but you are only human. You are also someone who experiences great pressures and demands from their job, life, family or just the climate of your position. Someone who has experienced trauma or PTSD in their line of work. Someone who has flashbacks, nightmares, or anxieties about going into workday to day. If you answered yes to any of the above, see how you can get support below. 


2 How I can help

I know first-hand how difficult this line of work can be. As a law enforcement spouse, I recognize there is immense pressure to be "the strong one", well I do not believe that should be the case. You are only human, and you can only take but so much. I am trained Trauma Informed Therapy, and I am a PhD Candidate in Forensic Psychology with specialized training in police psychology. Let me help you gain the tools to express those challenges, help you process through your traumas, and feel validated. Book a free 10-minute consult with me to learn more about how I can help. 

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